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This series is set to star Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams, it will also introduce a new companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara Askis). The series would also see feature episodes with the return of John Barrowman (Jack Harkness), Lalla Ward(Romana) and Louise Jameson (Leela) to the main cast, accompanied by Miles Richardson (Irving Braxiatel), Sean Carlson (Narvin), Anthony Keetch (Vansell), Michael Cuckson (Commander Hallan) and Lynda Bellingham ([Darkel] ), Colin Baker returned to the role of Lord Provost Tepesh for the a number of episodes. This series also features the return of the 2008 version of the theme, originally used from the Voyage of the Dammed all the way up to The End of Time, to the opening credits, while the time tunnel in the VFX scene remains the same as the previous two seasons in universe stories will feature the 2005-2009 time vortex VFX with the addition of backlit stars and stellar debris inside the vortex.



As with the preceding seasons, Series 33 will incorporate a number of ongoing story arcs which are to be resolved in different episodes in the series. In Series 33 these threads included: the destruction of the Silence, the return and reconstruction of the Time Lords, rummors of a growing militant feeling in the Nekkestani host, recurring stories will also show the concequences of Amy and Rory’s choices in the lives on the TARDIS, and the coming of a "ne temporal age", seemingly the feeling amongst the Silence and the Nekkestani.

# Title Writer Notes

The Meaning of Silence Part 1

Stephen Moffat Return of Jack Harkness, River Song and Proffessor Chronotis

The Seers of Dronid Part 2

Stephen Moffat and Marc Platt First appearance of the cruciform
3 The Dalek Conspiracy Ben Aaronovitch Reappearance of Time War era and imperial Daleks. Introduction of Ambrosious Lungbarrow. Mention of Dr Grace Holloway

Twilight of a reign Part 1

Paul Cornell Reappearance of Madame Kovarian and River Song.

Awakenings Part 2

Paul Cornell Destruction of the last of the Silence

Temporal Nobis Part 1

Alan Barnes Return of the Time Lords

Temporal Nobis Part 2

Alan Barnes Features the TARDIS in ship-to-ship space battle

Pandora Part 1

Justin Richards Return of Romana II

The first half of the seanon will run for 8 weeks and then after a month break the second half will start with a run of 6 weeks.

# Title Writer Notes

Pandora falls Part 1

Justin Richards Departure of Romana II.

The Towers of Darillium

Steven Moffat Final appearance in season of River Song, reappearance of Narvin, Braxiatel and Romana.

The Vampire Lord

Scott Handcock and Gary Russell Reappearance of the Vampires, reference to the first space war and the first time war ‘in heaven’. Reappearance of Provost Tepesh in the 6th Doctor’s body


Stephen Cole

Appearance of the Nekkestani, first appearance of the 11th Doctor clone

Introduction of Clara Askis


The War Part 1

Marc Platt The Nekkestani declare war on Gallifrey, reappearance of the cruciform
14 The Web of Time Part 2 Gary Russell The eye of Harmony is opened and the web of time is restored.



§ The Eleventh Doctor –Matt Smith

§ Amy Pond Karen Gillan

§ Rory Williams – Arthur Darvill


§ Jack Harkness John Barrowman

§ Romana Lalla Ward

§ Leela Louise Jameson

§ Irving Braxiatel Miles Richardson

§ Narvin Sean Carlson

§ Vansell Anthony Keetch

§ Commander Hallan Micheal Cuckson

§ Lord Provost Tepesh- Colin Baker


This season was unusual in production in that each episode was scored by Murray Gold and an individual composer for each episode or episode block.


Episode Title

Main series composer Individual Episode Composer
1 The Meaning of Silence Part 1 Murray Gold Richard Fox and Lauren Yason
2 The Seers of Dronid Part 2
3 The Dalek Conspiracy
4 Twighlight of a reign Part 1
5 Awakenings Part 2
6 Temporal Nobis Part 1 David Darlington
7 Temporal Nobis Part 2
8 Pandora Part 1

Second half of season

# Episode title Main series Composer Individual Episode Composer
9 Pandora Falls Part 2 Murray Gold David Darlington
10 The Towers of Darilium N/A
11 The Vampire Lord David Darlington
12 Wasteland Andy Hardwick, Nicholas Briggs and John Debney
13 The War Part 1
14 The Web of Time Part 2

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