After The Doctors battle with Davros he travels to Cairo, Egypt in 2014. There he discovers archaeologists have found the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharoah called king Badru. But lately archaeologists have been found dead or badly injured and near death. They were attacked by something or someone in the tomb. But what? The doctor investigates the tomb to find out who the mysterious attacker is. He finds more dead archaeologists but this time they were rotting and decaying. He sorts it out that the mummy of king Badru doesn't want the archaeologists in his tomb and is feeding on the life force of archaeologists to make him more powerful and alive. If Badru finds out that the doctor is in his tomb he will put the curse of the mummy on him. While exploring the tomb the doctor befriends an archaeologist named Francis Underwood. He and Francis confront Badru. Hopefully they manage to foil his evil plans and destroy him. The remains of Badru get put in a museum. The Doctor asks Francis if he would like to travel with him. Francis accepts this and they leave in the TARDIS.

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