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Doctor Who: The Forbidden Planet
Genre: Sci-fi
Antagonist: Forest dwelling monsters
Protagonist: The Seventh Doctor
Setting: Unknown Planet
Running Time: 45 mins

Doctor Who The Forbidden planet is a Doctor Who special that has the Seventh Doctor in it.....

After the Seventh Doctor went to a concert of The Clash he stepped into the TARDIS and he traveled to an unknown planet. It was a beautiful planet with flowers and corn fields. He passed through the flowers and corn fields and he ended up in a village. After you leave the village you will end up in the forest but it is a restricted area. It was forbidden because of the monsters that dwell in it. The Doctor wanted to save the village from the monsters so he snuck in the forest. He saw monsters in the forest. They were werewolves. They tore apart the barrier between the village and the forest and attacked the village. The village wasn't very safe. now. The planet was forbidden. The Doctor felt bad and wished he could have stopped the werewolves. The Doctor met a girl named Stacy who lived in the village. Together they destroyed the werewolves and saved the planet. The Doctor and Stacy took off in the TARDIS because Stacy wanted to see other planets and stuff....

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