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Doctor Who The cave of Evil is a Doctor Who Television special, supposedly set after Doctor Who the waters of mars. Its one of the most exciting Doctor Who movies yet. It is rated PG.


The Tenth Doctor arrives in an underground cavern deep under the sewers of London in the year 2018...  The Doctor searches the cavern for anything interesting. He hikes for hours hoping to find something interesting. But nothing is in the cave. No monsters, no aliens, no life, no trees, and nothing. Nothing at all. The doctor, bummed out about this goes on a hike to return to the TARDIS but he is lost. He can't find the TARDIS. It was too far away. The doctor then sees a big building. He explores it to see if there is anybody around. There is a Torchwood team. "Who are you?" the doctor asks. "We are Torchwood Five." replies a man. The doctor befriends Torchwood Five. Their members are Quentin Williams, Harry Larry, Penelope Grant, Lawrence Rupert, and Samantha Berwyn. Quentin, the leader of Torchwood Five tells the doctor that there is a nearby cave called the cave of evil. He says that the cave of evil is a place ruled by giant serpents. He also says that many have went to the cave of evil and never returned, or they were changed into evil giant serpents by the giant serpents who rule the place. The Doctor, Quentin, Harry, Penelope, Lawrence, and Samantha sneak into the cave of evil to see if anything suspicious is going on. They sort out that the serpents know that they are there and then they are attacked. The doctor beats up the serpents with his kung fu. He and Torchwood are defeated. Harry, Penelope, Lawrence, and Samantha are killed by serpents. The Doctor and Quentin are held prisoner by the serpents. more to be added