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Alternative series starting in 2012. Regeneration of the Doctorinterrupted because of a mysterious creature tap into energy.The Doctor did not take shape, but the radiation cured infection.Agatha Holmes' new partner there in person. 12 part of the season will end up with a special episode. The series returns to Captain Jack Harkness, and of course, an iconic enemy.


Tenth Doctor David Tennant

Agatha Holmes : Mischa Barton


First episode: The Home

Second episode: The Golem

Third episode: Recall the glory

Fourth episode: Reverse World

Fifth episode: Siege

Six episodes: The Fifth Element

Seven episodes: The Alchemist vortex

Eighth episode: Inner World

Ninth episode: Floating Palace

Tenth episode: The Beauty and the Beast

Eleventh episode: Mastership Plan

Twelve episodes: The End of the World after the meet

The enemies are returning to Slitheen, the cyborgs, the organ,but there will be new enemies as well.