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That small feeling of fear burrowed deep into your mind after you suddenly wake? All my doing!
— Dread

Dread is the Manifestation of every nightmare and bit of fear and paranoia that every lifeform has ever experienced. When the first nightmare was suffered, he awoke.

Striving only for misery and dread, he is eternal and monumentaly powerful - being neither god nor mortal. He is also the only thing Dreams are truly terrified of.


As Dread is a Dream, he can assume whatever form he chooses. His 'desired' form is that of this very pale, tall man with deathly pale blue eyes, like those of a wolf and a shock of white-blond hair. He also wears a long black leather coat with a furry brim. This is his assumed form when he converses with those who are not dreaming or are in the Dream World, but not from it.


Dread aspires to cause nothing but fear and dread, hence his name. However, he does not desire to do so. He actually is far more ambitious, hoping to attain corporeal form and dominate the universe with his power. His megalomania and sadism are apparent but even he has no idea why he wants to - he just does. He feels nightmares are just as important as dreams and without fear and pain within the Dream World - all good dreams would be dismal and taken for granted. His logic makes him both feared and respected in the Dream World but he still strives for villanous gains. This skewed 'black and grey' spin on things makes him a very confusing individual. Even his brother, Confusion finds his logic a bit hard to understand, even for him. Nevertheless, Dread wants to bring fear to all, just not for any particular reason - not even for fun.


You creatures believe that everything must be done for a reason. Has it ever occured to you that you just do something, merely because...?
— Dread

Why fight me, Doctor. I am the very embodiment of despair and fear.
— Dread
You have no idea how many beings have told me the exact same thing
— The Doctor
Have you ever thought they might have been lying?
— Dread

Creativity is all well and good but I need boundaries. In this realm, I have acheived my empire by being completely free to twist the realm into whatever shape I choose, with so many afraid that I may contort this world into something unspeakable. Your world knows nothing of real dread. Think of the possibilities.
— Dread

When the first creature that lived slept and awoken in a cold sweat - I was there.
— Dread


Dread has all the basic powers of any Dream. He can shape the pure creative forces of the Dream World to his will and he is virtually immortal. However, he can also force other Dreams to stay destroyed well past the 24 hour mark if he so wished. His powers of dreams are limited to only of nightmares but as he is the very epitome of nightmares - he could create unspeakable visions and cause anyone he wished to go insane or even die from the experience. It is unknown if he could keep his reality warping powers in a corporeal form, though it is hinted that he could but on a slightly lesser scale.

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