The Dream World
Other names:
  • Wonderland
  • The Dreaming
  • Oz
  • Dreamscape
  • Land of Nod
  • Dreamtime
  • The Place To Go Walkabout
  • Down Town
  • The Kingdom of Forty Winks
Type: Dimension
Location: Beyond reality
Appearances: DW: To Poison Sleep

The Dream World is a cosmic plane that exists beyond all creation as a sort of limbo of complete raw creative energy that twists and manipulates into whatever is desired by those that are within it. Nothing is permanent except the Dreams that stay there, not even death is an assurance.



When the first being in the whole of creation dreamed, the Dream World was created. It was formed and positioned by the first ever Dream to be born from the slumber of the first lifeform, Oneiros. With that, all Manifestations would inhabit the small pocket dimension.


As life began to populate more and more, the projections of the lifeforms began to overrun the Dream World. To accomodate, Oneiros used his powers to make the Dream World infinite, but he disappeared soon afterwards, never seen again.

With that last act, no matter how populated the Universe becomes, the Dream World will have more than enough room for total 'artistic freedom' for the Dreams to bend the dimension to their selective will.


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The only life in the Dream World are the psychic imprints of life in the 'material universe'. They are the uninhibited versions of what the corporeal lifeform is - with every desire, inhibited thought and feeling now freely expressed by this 'perfect creature'. They exist to give the corporeal form dreams when they sleep, shaping the world around them to create them.

The other kind of 'Dream' is the sentient form of one particular kind of dream, instead of a particular lifeform. These anthropomorphic creatures are the very personifications of these dreams or even feelings and thoughts. The Manifestations are arguably the most powerful of all life in creation - with the only weakness of being unable to pass into another reality.

Notable Districts

Though any part of the Dream World could be shaped into anything. Certain parts of the Dream World remain untouched - mostly the realms of the most powerful Manifestations who hold a perpetual defence around it, keeping them eternally in place.

Dread's Peninsula

Land of Confusion

The Brothel

Temple of Morpheus

The Art House

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