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Eden Science, Inc. (or simply "Eden" for short) was a US-based, scientific research corporation founded in 2186 by Jonathan Weaver, created to develop new technologies for domestic and military purposes.

Its main facilities are the Eden Laboratories, located in Minnesota, though other smaller research centers can be found in Michigan and Ohio.



Jonathan Weaver Era

First Golden Age

A.I. Takeover

At some point during the mid 24th century, Eden installed a new supercomputer to help run the extensive testing facilities for new scientific innovations like the Teleport Gun. However, once CHaRON was activated, its desire to test caused it to trap most of the staff inside the facility. One by one, staff were put through increasingly dangerous testing areas and most either died while attempting the tests, or completed them and were killed by CHaRON anyway.

A few subjects, including Ethan Quinn, managed to escape by hacking into the systems hardware and opening hatches out of the facility. They alerted the state authorities who sent in a team of experts to disable CHaRON and either help the captive staff escape or ensure their safety. The staff escaped the testing facility, but the team were presumed dead after failing to respond from inside CHaRONs chamber. The testing facility was thus sealed off from the rest of Eden Laboratories.

In 2374, Amy Pond and Rory Williams accidentally stumbled into the abandoned testing areas, where they were directed through various puzzles by CHaRON. They had the advantage of being able to work together to overcome the more dangerous tests and to avoid outright attempts to kill them. The Doctor infiltrated the abandoned experiment labs and managed to shut CHaRON down by trapping it in a logical paradox and simply unplugging it. While CHaRON was dismantled and incinerated for good measure, it was strongly hinted that back-ups existed. (Morons)

Second Golden Age

Behind The Scenes

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