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Endeavour-class battlecruiser is the primary Time Lord battleship employed in the Time War.


Propulsion Sistems

Ships this class have sub-light engines capable of reaching speeds up to 210 000 km/s(70% of the speed of light). They are also equiped with an FTL drive(Quantium Slipstream Drive) which enables them to traverse milions of lightyears in a matter of seconds, and a Time drive(Time Corridor Generator) which enables them to travel anywhen in time.


The ship's defences consist of a heavily armored hull made from dwarf star alloy, main deflector shield(which acts as a protective bublle around the ship) and a secondary and cosiderably weaker deflector shield(which acts like a second hull). The main deflector shield is powerfull enough to witstand several dosen shots form a Dalek saucer before failing, while the secondary can only absorb two maximum three shots before failing.


Warpstar Torpedoes

As the name sugests the warpstar torpedoes are powerfull projectile weapons with warpstar warheads. A single torpedo is powerfull enough to destroy an unshielded Dalek Mothership(a Crucible if detonated from within), it's incapable of penetrating shields. A standard Endeavour-class ship has 6 Torpedo Launchers and a grand total of 6000 torpedoes.

Disruptor Pulse Cannons

The standard Time Lord ship mounted weapons. They work by emiting pulsed Z-neutrino particles working in a similar principle to Davros' reality bomb only much less destructive. They are considerably weaker than a warpstar torpedo when it comes to directly dealing damage to a ship, but it compesates with the ability to take down shields of enemy ships with less than 10 shots. A sandard Endeavour-class ship has 10 Diruptor Pulse Cannons.

Parallel/Vortex Cannons

Originaly called parallel cannons, they work by opening a rift in the fabric of space drawing the power of a supernova from a parallel universe and concentrating it into one extremely powerfull beam of energy capable of destroying a Dlaek saucer with shields at full power only with a single shot. After the Time War the walls of reality were sealed and the weapon became inoperable. However Morbius was able to modify the weapon to draw power from a supernova in our universe by opening a hole into the Time Vortex. A sandard Endeavour-class ship has 2 Parallel now known as Vortex Cannons.