Ep 5 : Soul Catcher==


The Doctor lands on Cardiff, 1578. He, Amy and Rory visit a local place where they hear rumours about people being turned into stone by the Soul Catcher. They decide to investigate and they visit a local graveyard where there have been sightings of The Soul Catcher. They encounter the Soul Catcher who is then revealed to be Dracco, a Alien criminal.

Amy jokes about his bald head which makes Dracco very angry and he teleports Amy to his prison. An angry Rory tries to hit Dracco in the head with a stick but he is attacked by Dracco's minions,the Mudloons. Dracco and the mudloons

escape bu the Doctor implants a tracker into one of the Mudloons and they follow them to his hiding place. The Doctor and Rory confronts Dracco and tells him to release Amy but asks first why did he turn the villagers to stone and Dracco tells them he will break the statues to harvest the minerals in it. Then Dracco asks the Doctor to play a little game. The Doctor acepts. Dracco tells him he should rescue Amy in 15 minutes or she will be turned to stone. The doctor and Rory fight their way through Mudlooons and destroy the machine by putting it in self destruct mode and recue Amy. TheDoctor sets of a bomb in Dracco's castle which kills him. They return to the TARDIS and go away.


The Doctor - Matt Smith

Amy Pond - Karen Gillan

Rory Willian - Arthur Darvill


The Mudloons are mentioned by The Doctor in Ep 6.

The Doctor refers to Pandora in this Story.

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