All episodes star the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and Ellie Bates.

Number Title By

Basic Summary

1 The Time Crime 12thDoc
2 The Zygon Victory Jastennant4 Return of the Zygons.Impersonating the PM of England, the Zygons begin a rule over England.But are the Doctor, Amy and Ellie too late to stop it?
3 Caged1
4+5 The Death in The Deep/The Parasite Lewody1&Jastennant4


6 The Horror Games Jastennant4
7 The Landlord Jastennant4 The Earth has been, yet again been taken over, but it has a sinister"For Sale" hologram above it.

Reintroduction of Sil

8+9 Caged1
12+13 12thDoc Guest apperence of River Song

Air Date

Series 2 starts on Tuesday TBA

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