He led the invasion in 80000010067. When his agent Mr Melgor Reks transported him to Earth he murdered him for failure. He prepared to kill the eightmillionth Doctor but Acer through her powder canister at him. It opened and clowded his eyes. He shot blind multiple times and accidently killed Private Ters. He sent his men after them and returned to his ship where he ordered the attack. When the fleet progressed U.N.I.T. A+ launched 80 mis-bot who postitioned themselves around the fleet and exploded destroying most of it. Sreelet tried to zap to Earth but the explosion sent his beam out of control.(DW:The Final Fleet Of Sontar)

He landed inside The Great Wall Of Mexico.He set up a base and planned to destroy flooding Mexico. Brigadear Rep and his men found out and stopped him. As he ran for his teleporter a soldier descintegrated him.(U.A The Lost Sontaran)

His ashes went into his emergency re-builder. He was ressurected as a human. As revenge he flew to Brazil and placed 8888888 charges under the ground. U.N.I.T A+ got wise and attacked. Rep disarmed them and attacked Sreelet going under the name Simon. He made it to his plane but on the stairs but Rep shot him. Suffering from the radiation he fell down them and died.(U.A Brazil Bombs)

Rep was charged was because the radiation blast killed his innocent pilot.(U.A Trial of a Hero)

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