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Fields of Despair was the second part of the Bluesilver Series 3 Finale, succeeding Watch It Burn. Some fans noted its similarity to the previous Bluesilver Series episodes Apocolypse and They Ride on the Wind in terms of it's nihilistic and dark themes; as well as the Series 5 episode, The Beast Below, for its lose-lose situation.


After revealing the secrets of Fal Neron to Atorva, The Doctor finds fate isn't going to let him off that easily. Pursued by the deadly Baldandelus through the Atorvan Capital, The Doctor and Trevayne are forced to take drastic action, even if it means the deaths of trillions of people. Meanwhile, Christina must try to save everyone she can from an impending disaster. The path fate has laid leads to the Hallowed Throne, but is that where all the answers lie?