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Life Before The Doctor

Fiona Brown was a nurse in the Walter hospital. However, her boss did not like her for unknown reasons. When Fiona went to look after a patient, she heard her boss saying something.

First Meeting

Fiona learnt that her boss is an alien called the Garrtrion. Fiona did not know what to believe. When monster like things came into the room and attacked Fiona, the Doctor saved her. They both rushed out of the hospital just to learn the hospital was heading for the sun. When they were yet again chased by the Garritrion, the Doctor tricked it by coming outside. Because the monster was that fat, whatever the air was in space managed to suck some people out through space. Fiona nearly died but the doctor just saved her and the remaining survivors in the hospital.

One Adventure OF DEATH

Fiona had bought a red dress. However, it was an undead's nurse. The nurse possessed Fiona. In the remaining episode, Fiona killed innocent nurses.Fiona then tried to kill the Doctor. The Doctor just escaped and had to blow the hospital up. However when the doctor was in the TARDIS  Fiona appeared and tried to kill the Doctor still. The Doctor shoved her out to the sun.