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Flashlight is the fourth episode of the tenth season of Doctor Who, set it Surrey in the 21st century where people are mysteriously disappearing with a flash of light.


"People just vanish! Up and away without a sign! It has the police utterly confused" - Jim McReary to the Doctor

The TARDIS lands in Surrey, and the Doctor and Christina enjoy the sights until a bizarre case of disappearances with a bright light leads them to discover a race of aliens need human hosts to rebuild their empire, much to the Doctor's chagrin.

Season Ten of Doctor Who
The Girl and the Monster  • The Survival of the Daleks  • The New Breed  • Flashlight  • What Ever Happened To Christina?  • The Greatest Game  • The Silence  • Vengeance From The Deep  • Red Sea  • The Day of Remembrance  • In My Time of Dying  • Doom For The Doctor

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