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Fog Demons
Fog Demon
Affiliated with: None
Appearances: The Great Detectives--"The Fog"

Fog Demons are a species of aliens that lived in green fog. They were erased from history.


  • Solider (basic solider)
  • Gold Solider (high-ranking solider)
  • Prince (second highest-ranking soldier)
  • General (highest-ranking solider)
  • Silver Emperor (highest rank)
  • Blue Diamond (ruler of the universe)


The last few of the species lured people into green fog. The people were captured and turned into Fog Demons. But thanks to the Doctor they were erased from history at the end. (The Fog)



  • General Sterben is a general of the species; Sterben is a German word for "death".
  • Silver Lord Mörderische is a Silver Lord of the species. Mörderische is the German word for Murderous.

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