"My siblings design reality, I maintain it."

Also known as:
  • Gravity
  • The Blacksmith
  • Bringer of Stars
  • The Forger of Mass
  • Will
  • The Core
  • Vulcan
  • Thor
  • Quasar
Race: N/A
Home Planet: N/A
Home Era: N/A

DW CS4: But A Thought/Paradise Stolen

Actor: Roger Allam (voice)

Force is the personification of gravity and raw strength and also one of the Eternal Pantheon. His power has allowed everything in the universe to remain in place and in orbit. The atoms of every bit of matter in existence are formed together by his will and with that, can both create and devastate.


Force's Sigil


Force is obsessed with maintaining what is created for as long as needed, his sheer will is unmatched and he will not surrender nor give up on anything - even fighting. He is not brutish but he is very short-tempered, stern and rather conservative at times. This sometimes puts him at odds with his brother, Spectrum who loves randomness while Force only wants order in the universe, and that Spectrum's art is 'annoying'. Because of Force's desire for order and serenity, he despises his younger brother Malice the most out of all the other siblings.


Force appears similar to Spectrum in the way that he is light amoung a mix of darkness. However, unlike Spectrum who is blue and composed of lines and cubes, Force composes himself out of yellow molten plasma and maintains a detailed humanoid appearance at all times - never changing it.



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