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Voganru the Cruel, living under the alias of Friar Lawrence, was one of the Emeralis Exiles who were left imprisoned on Earth in the 17th century. Using a perception filter to appear as a human, Voganru began to kidnap some of the humans in nearby Verona, Italy in order to power a spaceship that the Emerald Hounds had scavenged from their crashed prison vessel. This, however, brought them into conflict with the Tenth Doctor, who threatened to stop them if they didn't stop now. Spurning the Doctor's offer of help, Voganru and his comrades continued to "fuel" their ship. In spite of interference from the Doctor, the Hounds succeeded in refilling their ship using the life force of the humans they'd captured. Upon the attempted takeoff, however, tampering with the engines by the Doctor caused the ship to implode. The resulting sinkhole drew in the Hounds, their ship, and the church they'd been using for a hideout deep within the Earth, leaving the people of Verona none the wiser. (DW: The Bleeding Chandelier)