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Series Two: Penny's Travels


This season, along with the other seasons of the Gallifraeyan series, always occur after the original, real Doctor Who series.


After Rose leaving, the Doctor meets cheerful, perky and exciting journalist Penny Gale, after defeating Ofroger and preventing the reign of the Captain of the Sun, they both find themselves the perfect TARDIS team and are off to travel time and space!


Number Episode Writer Synopsis
1 The Captain of the Sun The Time Lord of Earth The Doctor returns to Earth finding a signal of a spaceship falling to Earth. He meets a journalist, Penny Gale while searching for the crashed spaceship. She apparently was one of the people who sighted the crash and is going to report about it but the Doctor persuades her to keep it secret and in exchange, offers her a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel across the stars.
2 Stones of the Sea The Time Lord of Earth

The Doctor and Penny travel to the beautiful planet of crystals, Embedaria. The statues have been left behind by an ancient race, the Embedarians who always believed when their kings died, their spirit would live on in the beautiful statues they made. However, this is only thought to be a myth, and Embedaria is now a planet full of tourists… or so they thought….

3 Lord of Gallifrey The Time Lord of Earth The Doctor returns Penny home, fearing something may happen if she stays too long. A test has appeared for the doctor, by a ‘certified’ time agent. They are transported to a planet called Tritiava, where people with superior minds like the Doctor are tested.
4 Call Day The Time Lord of Earth The Doctor is travelling with Penny and suddenly, a man materializes in the TARDIS, Alexander Graham Bell. He doesn’t know how he got there and the Doctor and Penny travel to that time on Earth to return him back and also find out why that happened in the first place, only to find a face of steel lying in wait…
5 The Might at Night The Time Lord of Earth The Human Empire has greatly expanded and still is expanding, and they are currently colonizing a planet called Fractona Inioris. But apparently, it’s not only humans on the planet as they thought… Something is attacking the human bases and stealing people away there after the sunset of the three suns of Fractona Inioris. He is called “The Lone Knight” by the elders on the base. They find that Fractona Inioris is home to the grave digger race, the Knights. The Doctor and Penny must protect the base from being attacked any more….
6 Danger in the Basement The Time Lord of Earth The time vortex is a huge place, many things can happen. Suddenly, two Tardises combine and separate, the only difference is that Penny got separated from both and was sent to a random place in time, apparently where she was hoping she would end up, home. The Tardis, malfunctioning ends up on Earth too, but a week before Penny materializes back and the Doctor is permanently stuck in that time until he gets Penny back. He buys an apartment for the meanwhile and realizes that the neighborhood he is in, isn’t exactly as normal as he thought… Sophie Tarene next door, has a friend, in the basement… The Doctor must find out as it is causing the people in the neighborhood to act strange.
7 & 8

Pt 1: The Axons of Earth

Pt 2: Golden Generation

The Time Lord of Earth A timeloop has one of earth’s greatest dangers trapped in it. It’s been 50 years since the danger was trapped in the timeloop, and they have advanced technology now to escape the timeloop. The Doctor and Penny take a trip back home and realize that it isn’t as normal as it used to be. Gold mines are everywhere and plenty all over the Earth. Gold just suddenly sprung out of the ground. Yet what they do not know is that it is Axonite. Axos has escaped and is trying to control Earth again.
9 & 10

Pt 1: The Underground River

Pt 2: The Lost Swarms

The Time Lord of Earth The Doctor and Penny travel to the mysterious underground rivers uncovered underground America circa 2045. The Tardis detected sinister activity which sent them there. They find that a wormhole has caused all these tunnels to be created, a danger is coming through the tunnels of the underground river…
11 The Price of Paradise The Time Lord of Earth The Doctor and Penny travel to the sea resort planet of Himala. The waves and beaches soothe any wounds and the sun’s heat is just right. They also meet a crew from a futuristic Earth. The Himalas are the people who are of Himala and are known to be the race that serves or the miracle people or the nicest race in Mutter’s Spiral. They can perform miracles too but at a cost, however, and nobody knows that.
12 & 13

Pt 1: The Fledgling Empire

Pt 2: The War of Heaven

The Time Lord of Earth

A danger is predicted by the Doctor and Penny find that the cloister bell is ringing. However the danger predicted seems to be the Teradelts from the planet Teradelta. Although as it turns out, the Teradelts are fleeing from a danger that has exterminated their entire planet!



  • Penny Gale

Aliens and Enemies

  • Ofroger
  • Embedarian Sea Gods
  • Ruby White
  • The Cybermen
  • The Knights
  • Escaped Arcateenian Criminal
  • The Axons
  • Axos
  • The Swarm
  • The Himalas
  • The Daleks


  • The series will continue on with Penny Gale, her last appearance as companion will be in the finale of Gallifraeyan Series 3.