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Gallifrey Rising is a doctor who spin off that chronicles events on Gallifrey after their failed return to the universe in the end of time,it did not feature any appearence from the doctor apart from pictures of several of his incarnations which appeared on a computer display in the background of one scene.The serial took the form of three episodes of ordinary doctor who length giving it a total running time of 135 minutes,it also featured John simm as the Master .

Episode 1

(Clips of The End of Time showing the timelords being reimprisoned in the timelock are shown) The episode opens on a shot of Gallifrey's capitol building which has been crudely repaired since it was last seen,the camera pans inside through corridors where time lords are walking around intently towards some large doors.The doors open onto the massive council chambers where the master is standing on stage in full time lord robes,he has aged a little and now has a long thin beard making him look wise,he announces "I Koschei accept the office of lord high president of Gallifrey!" to much cheering from his fellow time lords.Two time lords hand him the presidents regailia including the sash and rod of Rassilon,the cheering from the crowd washes over the master and he smiles vacantly and malevolantly... (opening credits,they feature a brief voiceover explaining the last great time war and an orchestral version of the doctor who theme) Elsewhere in the citadel is a workshop where two time lords wearing practical clothing are working on the empty casing of a dalek,there is a large computer in one corner of the room which is scrolling out information on many things including some brief pictures of the doctor.The technicians insert a large nuclear device into the casing and seal the dalek with sonic screwdriver like tools.

In the council chambers the master is taking his first council meeting,the council congratulate the master on his "ingenious plan to eliminate the dalek threat once and for all".The master goes on to say that he has a much bigger plan,he is interupted by a tannoy in the corner which announces "President Koschei,the device is ready for lauch".

The view switches back to the work shop where the two technicians are sat at the computer and working controls,as they work the dalek activates and they make it glide around the floor a little.They then open a roof section and send the dalek flying out above the city,they watch its eye view as it continues to elevate above gallifrey and they send it speeding across space

Episode 2

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Episode 3