An unknown species of invertebrate. They had features of a priapulid predator, i.e. an extensible proboscis with teeth. Their body looks rather like a green blob. The Gremlins generate more green static than most other faeries and can only breathe in the green static given off via their interaction with faerie technology. The Gremlins were blind, but were very sensitive to touch, possibly hearing and smell. They were also carnivorous. Some Gremlins ended up in the Empire State Building, and the green static pouring out of the technology in the building made the skyscraper the perfect environment. They possessed for fingered claws that they extended from their boneless bodies. They had rows of sharp teeth on their tongues. They were killed when the heat was turned up, and the static dissipated. They exploded, but released massive bolts of green lightning. These bolts quickly ran out on their own power.


One Gremlin took the entire episode time to work and gum its gooey, liquid body into the circuitry and components of the buildings internal technology. This mutated the Gremlin into a ½ green lightning, ½ regular lightning entity. It was killed when it was extricated from the mainframe by Cross (after many attempts.)