Harriet Schwartz is a major contributor to the Bluesilver Writing Team, and is a part of the "Primary Trio". She wrote the episodes Morons and Most Haunted for Bluesilver Series 6 and co-wrote Born Anew alongside Zack Durden.

Work as Writer

Bluesilver Writing Team

Harriet formed the Bluesilver Writing Team in late 2010 after declaring an interest in writing some Doctor Who fan stories. After discovering that her friend Matt Gavin had been writing stories for quite some time, they set up the Writing Team, adopting the "Bluesilver" username for the sake of convenience. The pair were later joined by Zack Durden in January 2011 to form the current permanent team.


Harriet is known for writing episodes that take The Doctor out of his comfort zone and exploring what he is like when not dealing with something familiar. Many of her stories feature creatures that The Doctor has never encountered before and has no knowledge of to create "that sense that the audience knows just as much as The Doctor does, rather than him being a detached figure with all the answers."

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