Template:Infobox NewTV Heart of Wood is the fifth episode in the ninth season of Doctor Who, set in 13th century England. It sees the return of the Cybermen, as well as a empathic wooden counterpart.


"I call it the Wooden Man!" - Geoffrey Montefar

The Doctor and Billy arrive in 13th century England where they discover the new and marvellous Geoffrey Montefar, who has invented a “wooden man”, which appears to be a primitive Cyberman made of wood and other parts. The Doctor seems puzzled, and fears that the Cybermen are once again at work.


The episode received critical acclaim from critics, who praised its reinvention of the Cybermen and its introspective, well-written storyline. Some critics thought the Wooden Cyberman was a bit contrived, but enjoyed the emotionality of the episode.

Season Nine of Doctor Who
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