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  Helheim is the second bluesilver series finale. It ends the story arc of the Cult of Helheims quest and introduces Trevayne West as the series companion (albeit very briefly).

Series: Bluesilver 2
Story number: 2.14
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Christina De Souza
Trevayne West (introduction, cameo)
Enemy: Cult of Helheim
Setting: Arctic Research Base, 2014
Format: 1x55 minute episode
Previous Story: Thor's Hammer
Following Story: The Faith Scar


The Cult of Helheim have reached their goal, and wield the power of Thor. Now engaged in an epic war with Jörmungandr. Threatened with the future predicted at Ragnarök, The Doctor and Christina must work alongside The Desire to stop the end of the world. But is this a fight that can never be won? And what is the significance of the number 9?