Template:Infobox NewTV I' Am The Doctor is the tenth episode in the ninth season of Doctor Who, and introduces the Talons of Faran as the main enemy, trying to devour the Doctor by causing him to lose his memory with the Divine Vortex.


"Where am I? And who the hell are you?" - The Doctor

The Doctor and his companions hurtle towards a time vortex when the TARDIS is drawn in, and they re-enter at the edge of reality. There the Doctor discovers a strange device, and upon gazing into the Divine Vortex he loses all memory of who he is. As Jack and Billy struggle to find a way to restore his memory, the sinister and all-powerful Talons of Faran descend upon the edge of reality, and seek to devour the Doctor’s mind and body.

As the Doctor, calling himself John Smith the No-One, begins anew, Jack and Billy struggle to find a way to restore his memories. Finally Jack remembers the fob watch, hoping it contains some of the Doctor’s DNA and opens it in front of him, restoring his memory. As they leave the edge of reality the Talons of Faran tell the Doctor that his time draws nearer every moment, and that his mind will be the death of him.

Season Nine of Doctor Who
New Times In Old London  • The Sting of the Zygons  • Parenthood  • The Spider's Web  • Heart of Wood  • Devour  • The Eternity Game  • Sands of Kada  • The Mercy of the Daleks  • I' Am The Doctor  • Gods and Men  • A Shadow On The Glass  • Time Lord  • The Remnants of Time

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