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Ibigi was a place of the Doctor and Skye's adventure in Skye is the Limit.


Intelligent trees, mainly those evolved from Earth. Major trees were Queen Neas , King Nlaiho, and Omagoa  (formerly called Ewasoke)

Ranks of Society

The Oak trees rule the planet. Maple and Cedar come next as nobles. Birch, Fig and Pine are scholars. Fruit trees are farmers. Cotton and Juniper are the working class. The lowest trees are the Elms, though they are tall and strong, they were enslaved for a time.


The weather is usually warm and sunny. Once a month it rains for the trees. Due to were the planet sits in it's solar system, there is never a winter. It goes through a sort of Autumn every two years.

Name came from

The name was an adaption of the Yoruba words for "Tree place"

Names for some of the trees came from the same language. 

Nlaiho came from "great fight"

Omagoa came from "baby watcher"

Ewasoke came from "beauty up"


  • When the Doctor gave Omagoa the allies Awadasymi so that King Nlaiho did not recognise her, he was using Yoruba for the phrase "Joke to me" simply because it was a joke to him.
  • The trees wrote songs and poems about the Doctor and Skye after they left. They were called Dokitatio and Nigboyaorun, which means Doctor who and brave sky.