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In My Time of Dying is the tenth episode of the tenth series of Doctor Who, and was set up to seem like the Twelfth Doctor's death. It is followed by Doom For The Doctor.


"But he can't be dead, he can't be!" - Christina

Someone, or something, wants the Doctor dead, and they will stop at nothing to have their goal achieved. As the Doctor is seemingly killed by the Eternity, a powerful alien force, Christina is faced with an impossible decision, with the TARDIS in her command.

Season Ten of Doctor Who
The Girl and the Monster  • The Survival of the Daleks  • The New Breed  • Flashlight  • What Ever Happened To Christina?  • The Greatest Game  • The Silence  • Vengeance From The Deep  • Red Sea  • The Day of Remembrance  • In My Time of Dying  • Doom For The Doctor