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Infinity (Series 1)
Genre: Sci-fi
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Running Time: 45 minutes

The first series of the reboot Doctor Who.


  • First Doctor - James McAvoy.
  • Susan Foreman - Karen Gillan.
  • Ian Chesterton - Arthur Darvill.
  • Barbara Wright - Catherine Tate.


  • An Unearthly Child. - A loose remake of An Unearthly Child(1).
  • The Cave of Skulls. - Remake of An Unearthly Child(2-4).
  • The Edge of Destruction. - Remake of The Edge of Destruction and Galaxy 4.
  • Genesis of the Daleks(1).
  • Dawn of Evil(2). - A two-part remake of The Daleks and Genesis of the Daleks.
  • A Journey to Cathay. - Remake of Marco Polo.
  • Planet of Giants. - Remake of Planet of Giants.
  • The Sensorites(1).
  • Mind Games(2). - A two-part remake of The Sensorites.
  • The French Revolution.
  • Invasion of the Voords. - A loose remake of The Keys of Marinus.
  • World's End(1).
  • Flashpoint(2). - A two-part remake of The Dalek Invasion of Earth.


  • E1 - Rutans.
  • E2 - Silurians.
  • E3 - Drahvins.
  • E4/5 - Daleks, Davros.
  • E6 - Lehonians.
  • E7 - Vykoids.
  • E8/9 - Captain Clark and his men.
  • E10 - Sona.
  • E11 - Voords
  • E12/13 - Daleks.

Succeeded by

Infinity (Series 2) 

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