Template:Infobox NewTV Into the Void is the eleventh episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, which sees the return of Omega. It is the first part of two episodes, with the story concluded in The Infinite Realm.


"I don't care if some ancient presence is lurking beneath this planet, we have money to make!" - U.M.O representative

The White Guardian recalls the Doctor and his companions back to Earth, where he warns the Doctor that a great enemy is returning. As the TARDIS approaches Earth it suddenly crashes on a far distant planet, where the Doctor discovers a blackhole to an anti-matter universe. As the Doctor struggles to keep other humans on the planet from mining the planet, he discovers a far worse problem is steadily approaching.


Overall reception of the episode was positive, with most critics praising the return of Omega and the story arc of the series. The inclusion of a planet near the anti-matter universe was praised for adding tension to the episode, building to the reveal of Omega at the end.

Season Eight of Doctor Who
In The Beginning  • New Dublin  • No Tricks  • Mars and Venus  • The Frozen Earth  • Count the Shadows  • The Doctor and the Demon  • Serpent's Tongue  • Phoenixfire  • The Omens  • Into the Void  • The Infinite Realm  •

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