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A Twitter account that started on July 12 2009 that features updates from the character Jasmine Johanson.

Jasmine's Twitter Feed

July 12, 2009: Jasmine obtains a device (She intally has trouble with the keypad and has Ravi modify it to take voice dictation) that she hopes to use to contact someone who works for her in some capacity named Terry. She wants Terry to retrieve her car from Woodstock and to pack up the office for relocation to the TARDIS. At the end of the posting for that day, she questions if the messages are actually getting to Terry in 1969.

July 15, 2009: A few days later, after a wild night out drinking with Bug, Jasmine wakes up in a part of the TARDIS she has never seen before. She sends messages with the hope that the others on the TARDIS will recieve them and come find her. On the off chance that the messages are getting to 1969, she instructs Terry to place an ad in the paper assuming that it would eventually come to the attention of her friends.

July 23, 2009: Jasmine is still lost. In the meantime she has found a deli with good food and a bad tempered robot shopkeeper. Also, she is surprised to see that the device tells her that Man has just landed on the moon, as she just watched that happen last month. She chalks this up to time-space-whatever and resolves to rub the landing in the faces of the Europeans if she ever sees them again.

July 28, 2009: Jasmine is sick of sandwiches, but she has found a bar with beer safe for humans. She reveals that her ear communicator is broken, and expresses her disapointment in the internets. She feels that the internets should have found her by now. She is creeped out by the Taxidermy room.

August 3, 2009: Jasmine has been contacted by someone from the outside world! Someone with a Crackberry! Jasmine doesn't know what that is but she asks this mysterious BrightCharles to send for help.

August 4, 2009: Energized by this contact from the outside world, Jasmine continues to look for a way out. This involves drawing on the wall again. Jasmine reveals Cassie came with her to go drinking with Bug, but the last time she saw Cassie she was riding around on Bug.

August 7, 2009: Drawing on the wall did not work. Jasmine reveals that she has gotten some messages from some sort of Hippie in trouble. Jasmine believes the Hippie was the victim of an attack, and resolves to solve this case as she has nothing better to do.

August 11, 2009: Jasmine conciders the list of strange suspects, then briefly conciders their motives and if they are communists. She decides to ponder further.