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Karlel Arcadius is an alien from the planet Arcadius (which is why his fake surname is Arcadius). He is originally from the 52nd century.


Early life

Karlel was born on Arcadius, his parents abandoned him and he was raised by President Var' ol Minor. Var' ol gave him the surname Arcadius due to the unknown identity of his parents. Karlel was always bullied and had hardly any friends. So when he turned 16, he attempted to stow away on a ship and go to Earth but was caught by Var' ol. He was then sent to the Arcadian Academy to study, to his dismay.

the Academy

While at the academy, Karlel studied hard and became one of the top students. He was considered to be 'more than a genius' by his teachers and was always favoured by them as well. Karlel became extremely popular and everyone wanted to be friends with him. But one day during his second year the academy was attacked by a squad of Sontarans. Karlel cleverly cut the power in the academy and released gas after everyone evacuated. The gas caused all the Sontarans to choke to death. But soon after the Judoon arrived and arrested him for the murdering the Sontarans.

Release from prison

Karlel was sent to the Stormcage Containment facility. He spent three years there before the truth about the invasion was found and Karlel was evidently defending himself. Karlel is escorted from the prison to find that the guards escorting him are in fact criminals intent on killing him. Barely managing to escape them, Karlel fled to the planet Arkensia, the "twin planet" of Arcadius.

Memory Man

As a way of earning quick cash, Karlel set up a business where he erased peoples memories. "Karlel's Memory Annihilator" became a popular business in the Arkensian Markets.

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Karlel has a calm, friendly attitude. Although he can get really angry, really quickly. The fact that he doesn't know who his parents are, really irritates him.

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