Kovarian was a mysterious woman who kidnapped Amy Pond and Andrew. She wore an eyepatch or a similar device over her right eye. After stuff with Amy, she moved to Andrew

The first time Amy saw her was when she appeared at the little girl's bedroom door at Graystark Hall Orphanage. She appeared through a hatch in the door, which later disappeared. Amy was startled by the woman and asked who she was, but the woman ignored her and said "No, I think she's just dreaming". When Amy entered, the room appeared to be empty, with no evidence of the woman or the hatch. (DW: Day of the Moon)

With Amy

While asleep on a pirate ship, Amy was woken by a noise and saw the woman in a hatch that opened on the hull of the ship. The woman said, "It's fine. You're doing fine. Just stay calm", and then she vanished instantly, along with the hatch. (DW: The Curse of the Black Spot)

Amy briefly saw the woman again while searching an acid mining factory for Rory Williams, though this time she did not speak. (DW: The Rebel Flesh)

While trapped, Amy saw the Eye Patch Lady on the stone brick wall, later or at the end, Amy was shown in hopstail with the Eye Patch Lady waiting to get her baby out, Amy scremed at the start of the conculsion (DW: The Almost People)

With Andrew

Andrew first saw Kovarian in The Astronaut of Doom, she said to him Run, run as fast as you can and then she disspeared (TT: The Astronaut of Doom)

She also then appeared in the TARDIS without the Doctor nocting