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Krillith is a fan-made concept for the home planet of the Krillitane race, which has never appeared in any official BBC production.


Krillith is an old planet, with a history dating back slightly over two million years. Most of this history has seen the world conquered and pillaged by a wide variety of alien empires, seeking to gain control of its abundant resources.

The native Krillitanes were inevitably enslaved during the course of these invasions, and developed a close-knit familiar society as a means of preserving themselves. But after millennia of enslavement, a Krillitane freedom movement was founded, which after years of struggle captured bio-augmentation technology. This technology proved invaluable to the Krillitane cause, and over the course of two centuries the species had taken characteristics from many different conquering races. Eventually, they were able to drive invaders off the planet altogether, and established a powerful, advanced civilization on their world. But by this point, their culture had come to revolve around the acquisition of new anatomical components, and the species began to move into the stars, seizing gene sequences from other races, becoming the same type of rapacious starfaring civilization they spent millennia fighting against.


The planet Krillith is a small world, only two-thirds the size of Earth. It has historically been extremely rich in resources such as precious metals and underground fuel deposits.

The constant wars on the world have annihilated all forms of native life other than weed-like plants which now dominate the surface. To counter this, the Krillitanes have constructed millions of ecobubbles on the planet, where specially augmented creatures are selectively bred for their master's purposes.

Plants and animals created by the Krillitanes include: