Also known as: No known aliases
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lord)
Home Planet: New Gallifrey
Home Era: Post-Time War Era

DW: Night of the Empty/Dawn of the Shadows (stone form)

Actor: Ken Stott

Krymulus (pronounced: CRY-mule-US) was a 'New Time Lord' that came into being after Gallifrey was recreated by a terraforming device that latched onto both the Doctor's DNA and fragments of ash of the previous Gallifrey (DW: Ragnarok). He was captured by the Master, and permanently 'quantum locked', sealing him in a stone form forever. The Master then stole Krymulus' TARDIS and keeps its petrified former pilot as a trophy or decoration.

Krymulus was used as a statue of Job by the Master when he was influencing Humans that he was a Christian preacher, but was really planning on causing a nuclear war (DW: Night of the Empty/Dawn of the Shadows).

The Doctor felt sickened when he realised that the statue was another Time Lord and was also equally hurt when he knew that nothing could reverse the process. This pain was further exploited by the defeated Master as he vanished with Krymulus' TARDIS.