The digital sky
Other names: The Tower of Amusement, Bliss Moon, The Black Diamond
Type: Space station/Amusement centre
Location: The Bliss System
Appearances: DW CS: Tempus Effrego

The Kuhrahcommzeka was a planet-sized leisure centre in the middle of the universe, made in the Far Future. It plugs people into an alternate reality of their own choosing and feel it as if it was a reality. Only the richest and most powerful of creatures can afford this, and can stay within these dream worlds for centuries and not even age or die because of the temporal manipulation used by the virtual reality machines.

At one point after the destruction of Earth, Serakym, extradimensional creatures planned to use the timelines of the 10 trillion people plugged in to the Kuhrahcommzeka and adjust the temporal manipulators to freeze all of time into the very moment after the explosion in some insane attempt to stop the Universe's destruction. (DW CS: Tempus Effrego)

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