Leonora was a mysterious woman who wished to compress time into a single moment so she could be reunited with her lost love, the great warrior Darryl Altair. However, as a result of long term exposure to the Dimension Compressor she was using to achieve her goals, she forgot he even existed.


Leonora was born to a Human father and a Vectraen mother in the Haderian Belt, an area historically plagued by war. She was brought up on stories of a man who bumbled around the universe in his magical machine, who could tear down entire armies with a click of his fingers. She heavily romanticized this figure throughout her rough childhood, optimistically clinging to the belief that this man would one day save her from the war that surrounds her.

When Leonora met Darryl Altair, she found the dream life she was looking for: A safe life in the idyllic, peaceful countryside of Lunian and a gorgeous, sensitive man. Darryls conscription into another war in the Haderian Belt and his subsequent death left Leonora permanently scarred, spending the rest of her life trying to bring him back and exacting revenge on the military that took him from her. (DW: Born Anew)