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The Lettered Agents were the first group of the Agents of Destiny to be woven, so named because each one was designated by a letter of the traditional Greek Alphabet. They were considered to be the field generals and investigators in the Agency's operations, and were all superior in the chain of command to the "Numbered Agents" who were to follow. While any number of Numbered Agents could have been made, the number of Lettered Agents was fixed, and if for some reason a Lettered Agent was killed beyond the point of re-weaving, his or her letter would be retired.

Here is a list of the Lettered Agents and what is known of them:

  • Agent Alpha: A charismatic command officer who directed operations from Agency Headquarters on New Gallifrey. He spoke to the Five from time to time using a video phone.
  • Agent Beta: A female agent who was assigned to track, and later apprehend the Gallifrey Five. Her attitude softened toward them dramatically and ended up becoming an ally of theirs during the Time Lord Civil War.
  • Agent Gamma: A male enforcer agent who did field work with his partner, Agent Diagamma. They were almost twins from a genetic standpoint though Gamma was typically the thinking half of the pair. After Diagamma's death at the hands of the Gallifrey Five, he went on an increasingly desperate quest to exterminate them. Eventually, he was imprisoned at the Citadel, kept out of circulation so he could not regenerate and risk more innocent lives.
    • Agent Diagamma: A burly, tall agent who shared much of the same genetic material as Agent Gamma. When the Agency first tried to capture the Five, he attempted to do physical combat with them to subdue them. He was killed by a combination of sonic and conventional gunfire and dissected in the field by Winston, who kept his shriveled second heart with him for quite some time. His death unhinged Agent Gamma, who went on a murderous rage to try and avenge his partner. No attempt was made to re-weave him for reasons which were never made clear.
  • Agent Delta
  • Agent Epsilon
  • Agent Zeta One of a pair of agents who tried to apprehend the Five during their visit to September 10th, 2001. Partner to Agent Eta, he was killed in the conflict, and his ashes were scattered into the streets of Times Square.
  • Agent Eta The other half of the pair who tried to arrest the Five on 9/10/01. Eta was rendered unconscious and was taken a prisoner, where he was interrogated and eventually put on trial for assaulting them by a tribunal set up by the Five. They ultimately decided that he should be released into a harmless environment, so he was taken to the Eye of Orion, where he lived a long and productive life before being recalled by the Five to assist them in sabotaging the Agency.