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This article was written by Lewody1. Please do not make any changes to this fiction without receiving the author's consent.

Lewody series 1
Genre: Sci Fi, Drama
Created By: Lewody1
Starring: David Tennant
John Barrowman
Georgia Moffet
Benedict Cumberbatch
Number of Episodes: 12
Produced By: BBC Wales
Original Channel: BBC One
Original Run: 2009

This is an alternative timeline where Jack travelled with the doctor after the 456 incident.

Main Cast



Christmas Special

  • Red Christmas by Russell T Davies (25.12.2009)
    • Final Appearance of Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who.
    • Regeneration of the Tenth Doctor into the Eleventh Doctor
    • Reappearance of the Ice Warriors.

Aliens and Enemies

Story Arc

Omegas Return and his eventual takeover of the Universe


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