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Life Of Pond is one of thirteen episodes in series 6 of doctor who, it stars Barbara Windsor and Catherine Tate as Amy and Rory's Mothers and Karen Gillan and Matt Smith with Arthur Darvill as The doctor and his companion, Amy Pond and her husband, Rory, It is the 6th story of the series and is the third of 5 parts of the 'World' saga.


Leadworth, 1993

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" sung Mrs. Pond to her 4 year old daughter, Amelia, "HAROLD! GET THE CAMERA, WILL YOU?" she said

"Sorry Michelle, he's so slow these days, i mean, Amelia and Rory can't sit around a table with lit candles for long you know!"

"i know, dear, Richard's os exactly the same, takes him ten minutes to do one plate in the washing up, i can't wait to get a dish washer like that Mr Nesreeen nextdoor to you!" said Michelle Williams. Mr. Nesreen was all up to date, too up to date really, but when the lodgers finally move in, the mod-cons are installed, but also, leadworth becomes a death zone....


Matt smith as The doctor

Karen gillan as Amy pond

Arthur darvill as Rory williams

Marie Wills as Baby Amelia

Jack Smith as Baby Rory

Sean Pertwee as Nesreen (continous)

John Hart as Harold Pond

Barbara Windsor as Michelle Williams

Catheine Tate as Barbara Pond

Behind the scenes

Catherine Tate and John Hart have been seen fiilming part five of the 'world' saga with Marie Wills and Karen Gillan

After the key is stolen by the daleks and dropped into the medusa caskett, the line is spoken bye Nesreen "the women of Raxacoricofallapatorius will scream" forth shadowing the return of a species from there, slitheen, blathereen, jangereen, etc.

this was Barbara Windsor's only appearance as a main character in the saga, she has been confirmed for this series finale

Marie and Jack are both four in real life