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No. Title Writer Airdate Synopsis
1 "Liberation" User:Homesun June 1, 2011 Jenny is imprisoned by Torchwood after crash-landing in America. When she befriends humans and aliens who were imprisoned, will she abandon them or follow in her fathers footsteps, allowing them to accompany her.
2 "Evergreen" User:Homesun June 8, 2011 The crew travel to the year 2024 in the community of Evergreen Estates. However, something is fishy in the Arcadia Military School, why does no child going there ever come back?
3 "Revolution User:Homesun June 15, 2011 Jenny and the crew arrive on Soror, a planet colonized by humans in the 31st Century. A planet where humans have employed the natives as slaves. However, when one native plans a rebellion, the crew must decide whose side to fight on.
4 "Beauty of the Flesh User:Homesun June 22, 2011 The crew have landed on Pandora, a planet of beauty colonized by humans so they can strip mine it. In conflict with the natives, the humans have employed the help of one of Jennies fathers oldest enemies, the Cybermen.
5 "Beginning of the Daleks User:Homesun June 22, wikipedia:2011 Jenny encounters Davros and his Daleks.