The complete list of main and reccuring characters in the TV series The Guardians

Main Characters


Morbius (Bradley James - Series 1-2, Andrew-Lee Pots - Series 3-) is the leader of the Guardians.

Survivour of the Time War, Morbius is a broken and distant individual, unwilling to connect with people. He is quite detemined and focused at the task at hand as well was being an upholder to the Time Lords' Non-interference policy, only breaking it by accident or in order to prevent someone else from altering history themselves.


Jenny (Georgia Moffet - Series 1-) is the Doctor's daughter by an accidental generated anomaly.

Like her father Jenny is mor than willing to explore the universe and right wrongs. Her military programing makes her single-minded and cunning. She's often at odds with Morbius and his rule of non-interference, wanting to help people rather than just letting them suffer and die.

Allan Smith

Jack Reynolds

Smantha Jones

Romana III

James Harper

The Corsair


Supporting Characters


William Columbus

Arnold Carter

The Master

Sally Dawson

Romana IV

The Doctor



The Controller

The Rani

The War Chief

Grandfather Paradox



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