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The Mandarataseciritus is an animal from Raxacoricofallapatorius.


This creature is physically small, only around 10cm long. It is dark brown in colour, with flabby skin and one large eye. Claw-like feet on its underside allow it to move.

It, like the female Raxacoricafallapatorian, is able to fire poison darts. However, these are fired from the creature's spiny back and at a far higher rate, up to five per second.

The venom would be lethal enough to kill a human within 20 seconds, though it is easily treated with acetic solutions which break down its enzymes.

It is a small omnivore, generally eating Rakweed but often attacking other small animals.

Intelligence and Behaviour

Of medium intelligence, the Mandaraseciritus is capable of lying in ambush or targeting more dangerous foes if necessary.

It will fire off darts if any other animal approaches within 5m.


This animal is widely spread, though the Raxacoricofallapatorians' immunity to its poison and taste for its flesh have reduced its numbers recently.