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Ma'deil Ragula was a Jahvin soldier who was so consumed by his love of violence that he became feared and hated by his fellow people and exiled to outer space. They gave him the moniker Margul, an Old Jahvin word meaning, 'Star of Blood'.

Margul landed on the desolate planet, Planet M which he fashioned into his own kingdom, stealing the natives riches and enslaving them single-handedly.



Like all Jahvins, Margul's skin is immune to most projectiles like bullets or weapons such as blades. His own training has made him very durable against energy weapons, almost brushing them off. He can lift up to 200 tonnes and jump as high as 25 metres. His intellect is genius-level and has managed to win countless Jahvin wars and conquer an entire planet by himself.


Margul is a huge, imposing creature with a black goatee who wears his red (Warrior class) Jahvin armour always as his empirial dress, with his helmet as his crown. He, like every Jahvin has ghostly white irises and pupils, which both glow in the dark and can allow him to see in it. He always carries his sword, despite mostly fighting with his bare hands.


Margul is an excessively narcissistic and arrogant megalomaniac. He views himself higher than even his fellow Jahvins and displays visible disgust or dismissiveness to all other lifeforms, who he sees as weak and inferior. He rules like with an iron fist and delights himself when his slaves battle to the death for his enjoyment, sometimes even joining in to get a kick out of the violence firsthand. His arrogance is arguably his ownly true weakness, making him underestimate his opponents which has only become more inflated because he surrounds himself with such defenceless creatures to which he dominates easily.


  • Margul's regal armour bares heavy resemblance to the armour worn by Heimdall from the film Thor, also played by Elba
  • Margul is partly based on the DC Comics supervillain, Mongul. Both are war-loving alien megalomaniacs and both pose very imposing physical threats to their own respective enemies.

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