Template:Infobox NewTV Mars and Venus is the fourth episode in the eighth season of Doctor Who, featuring the Ice Warriors for the first time since Cold War.

It is part of a two part episode, with the story arc resolved in The Frozen Earth.


"If Mars is dead Doctor, than we will take a new home here on Earth!" - Commander Izaryx

Arriving in modern day Earth, the Doctor and Billy find the weather has become increasingly cold, and that Doctor Edward Bradley has discovered several frozen bodies in the Antarctic. The Doctors fears the worst, and when the Ice Warriors led by Commander Izaryx awaken and destroyed Bradley and his team, Earth is plunged into a deadly war with Mars.




Moffatt had considered bringing back the Ice Warriors again after successfully relaunching them in Cold War. He was interested in a story featuring more than one Ice Warrior, similarly to what had been done with re-introducing the Daleks in Dalek.


Critical response to the episode was mostly positive, with critics praising the return of the Ice Warriors after successfully reviving them in Cold War. Some critics described the Ice Warrior's plan as "a bit contrived for younger viewers to understand or follow", but nevertheless enjoyed the Ice Warriors and the Doctor's interaction with them.

Season Eight of Doctor Who
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