Matthew Gavin is a major contributor to the Bluesilver Writing Team, and is a part of the "Primary Trio" alongside co-founder Harriet Schwartz and Zack Durden. He served as Head Writer for Bluesilver Series 6 and wrote the opening two-parter Dreams and Nightmares as well as episode 10, The Late Amelia Pond.

Work as Writer

Matthew was the original Bluesilver, although he "Doesn't like talking about anything prior to 2010." He wrote the Common Series 1 two-parter Why We Fight and Shine of the Skarkish. He has also written for Pokemon Fanon and an unreleased independent project entitled "Our Story".

Bluesilver Writing Team

Matthew was asked by Harriet Schwartz if he would be interested in forming a Doctor Who writing team, he gladly accepted and the two adopted the "Bluesilver" username for convenience. They were joined by Zack Durden in January 2011.

Personal Life

Matthew is openly bisexual, and was a relationship with fellow writer Zack Durden. Matthew once joked that their relationship "Is a sham. Zack just wanted to get into the writing team!".

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