"Me? I am one of those serendipitous moments when a grave situation can be ultimately fixed by an unforseen positive experience... that's all."

The Miracle Man
Also known as:
  • Miracles
  • The Man in White
  • Him
  • He Who Lives Within Light
Race: N/A
Home Planet: N/A
Home Era: N/A

DW CS4: Paradise Stolen

Actor: Derek Jacobi

The Miracle Man (or just Miracles or The Man In White) is a mysterious being who may possibly be part of the Eternal Pantheon, but the specific concept he personifies is unclear. He is referred to by this moniker because he called himself 'a miracle'. He may have also created the Pantheon itself as he 'is beyond them'. When the siblings hear of his presence, even they feel too compelled to say who he exactly is.






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