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The Mister Who Script Competition is a competition for 10 competitors to get their script in Doctor Who spin-off, Mister Who.


Place Episode Release date
1st1.218th August 2009
2nd1.325th August 2009
3rd1.614th September 2009
4th1.95th October 2009
5thCIN1 or 2.223rd November 2009 or
18th August 2010
6th2.2 or 2.318th August 2010 or
25th August 2010
7th2.3 or 2.625th August 2010 or
14th September 2010
8th2.6 or 2.914th September 2010 or
5th October 2010
9th2.9 or CIN15th October 2010 or
23rd November 2010
10thCIN1 or
co-write 3X
with Rhain C
23rd November 2010 or
25th December 2010

Any further places may win later scripts.


Send your scripts online to Scripts have to be in by 10th August 2009 due to first place premiered eight days later.

The script dates will be released as soon as we have at least 5 scripts in. Thank you!