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Morons was the 3th episode of the Bluesilver sixth series. It introduced the recurring Eden Science research corporation and its loopy CEO Jonathan Weaver, albeit only in the form of video and voice recordings.


"Eden Science will not take responsibility for any personal belongs, limbs, or vital organs lost during the testing process" - CHaRON.

When the Doctor arrives in a cutting-edge laboratory to set back the progress of dangerous biological weapons, Amy and Rory become test subjects for the latest in teleportation technology. As they progress through the increasingly dangerous tests, The Doctor discovers the hidden past of the facility, and the homicidal carrot in charge.




Science and Technology

  • The Teleport Gun is said to work by pressing two parts of space together; described by The Doctor as like "folding a fabric over itself."

Story Notes




Bluesilver Series 6

Dreams  • Nightmares  • Morons  • The Deep End • One Moment  • Supernature  • Natural Selection  • Keeping The Peace  • Most Haunted  • The Late Amelia Pond  • Vikings of Egypt  • Still Alive  • Born Anew

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