He was a visitor on Platform One in the year 5 billion. He represented the builders Relp and Pelp. He figured out about the robot spiders and told The Face Of Boe. The 2 came up with a plan to escape using the Doctors Tardis he had found. He went to steal the key but a spider attacked.

He survived the whole ordeal and was put in a hospital on New Earth. He was told it would take years to recover from his many wounds. It took 23 years for him to recover. When leaving the hospital it was put into quarintine and he was trapped. When the New Humans came up he tried to run but was surrounded. He deployed his small laser pistol and shot 2 New Humans but was touched. The Face saved him by putting him in a heavy life support.

He was with the Face when Bliss was developed and was saved in the smoke. When the Doctor opened the highway he was happy for the 1st time in 30 years. He used a laser pistol to shoot his life support killing himself.

When Davros made the Doctor recall all those who died he remembered Allee.

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