william hartnell now im not saying hes bad hes very good but i had to put someone here and honestly i just havent seen enough of him. honestly i absolutly love him i love all of them but someone has to be here and i just dont like his personality as much i mean he was a git.


jon pertwee ok now i know people are gona start hating but he is just not consistant enough to be any better while hes had some of my favourite stories he has had some of the worst and i think you know what im talking about. he done alot for the franchise though and i really like him its just his stories that let him down.


paul mcgann if we saw more of him he would be way higher on the list and i love his doctor hes not ott hes not an underperformer he played a great doctor its just the way he talks and feels he acts you look at him and he is like a real person except no one ever listens to his role and his storyline oh really dont believe me look up the movie storyline then utopia's


sylvester mccoy


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